Best answer: Can you cook rice in a pasta boat?

Answer: With this pasta boat you can cook veggies, lentils, rice,fish, strawberry banana bread and more it’s what I read on the introduction book 🙂 Failed to get answers.

Can you cook rice in a Fasta Pasta?

Vegetables like asparagus, beans, broccoli, carrots and potatoes, soups, casseroles, and even rice cook perfectly in the Fasta Pasta in the microwave. Chocolate cake and bread can also be cooked in it. No waiting for a big pot of water to boil, so saves time and energy.

How long do you cook pasta in a pasta boat?

To make perfect pasta, fill the pasta boat with water up to the indention. Then put in any kind of pasta, then, leaving the lid off, put the pasta boat in the microwave on high for 18 minutes. You can use the lid to strain the pasta. The strainy side slides on, and the other end snaps on.

How do you cook corn on a pasta boat?

You should be able to cook 4 ears of corn at a time by putting two on top of each other on the steam rack with the lid. Water level #1 for 7 minutes. But remember all microwaves are a little different so your time may vairy a little. And please always use oven mitts when using the pasta boat it can get very hot.

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Is Fasta Pasta safe?

Why is Fasta Pasta® safe? A. Made of BPA free FDA approved microwave safe material. The material used to manufacture Fasta Pasta® is really a polypropylene copolymer and surpasses FDA approval for contact with food in the microwave.

How do you cook orzo in Fasta Pasta?

Microwave on full power for 2 minutes. Give the orzo a stir and top up with more water as required. Microwave on full power for another 2 minutes – then stir and top up the water as required. Repeat until you’ve cooked the orzo for about 6 minutes in total.

How long do you cook noodles in microwave?


  1. Combine dry pasta and water in a microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 5 minutes.
  2. Remove and stir, add more water if needed and microwave on high for another 5 minutes.
  3. Remove, stir, microwave in 1 minute intervals until pasta is tender.
  4. Enjoy!
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