Your question: What’s cooking good looking Meaning?

What’s cooking – is generally used to ask ‘What is going on’, or ‘What are you doing’. Good Looking – is obviously a compliment to a person, or expresses a desire for something. You can hear it as a ‘pick-up line’ in bars, you can use it at home to offer a compliment to your wife, or even use it at work.

What’s cooking good looking text?

‘What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’ means roughly ‘I’d like to spend time with you’ and depending on the speaker’s character, might well mean ‘I’d like to take you to bed, preferably right now’ but let’s please remember, the only part that matters is “… Good Lookin’”. The “What’s cookin’” bit is merely clever padding…

What does the slang term cooking mean?

The first expression, slang from about 1940, transfers the process of preparing food to other processes. … Slang from about 1940, it is also used to mean “how are you,” as in Hello Jack—what gives? Also see what’s with.

How do you reply to What’s Cooking?

Originally Answered: What does “what’s cooking” mean? What’s cooking means to ask someone that ‘what’s happening’ or ‘what are you up to’ or ‘what’s going on’. You can answer this question by saying ‘nothing,just the same old life’.

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How do you respond to what’s shakin?

When that question is asked of a person, the normal reply is “Not much.” or “Everything is good.” But beware if asking this question to a vibration person. The reply would be “Everything.”; everything is shaking, but it’s the amplitude and frequency of the shaking that is the deciding factor.

What is Shakin Bacon?

What’s shakin’ (bacon)?

slang What’s going on? How are you doing? What’s new with you?

Do you like cooking meaning?

“Do you like cooking? ” is a question about your habitual hobby, but “Do you like to cook?” is asking you whether you is going to cook this time.

What is cooking tasty chef?

What’s Cooking? – Tasty Chef is a simulation cooking game by Pixio. Starting as an amateur cook with a small kitchen, you’ll combine ingredients to create over 700+ recipes and serve delicious dishes to hungry customers.

What’s cooking metaphor?

Also, what’s new (with you); what’s up; what gives. What’s going on, what is happening, as in What’s cooking at the office these days? or What’s new at your house? or Why are all those cars honking their horns?

What does whats shaking mean?

Interjection. what’s shaking. (slang) what is happening?; what’s up?

What is in a shakin smoothie?

Smoothies. Enjoy a creamy and refreshing smoothie made with juicy frozen fruits and pure juice, without added sugar or ice. We always do our best to use as much organic and locally sourced ingredients as possible! Much of the fruit is grown right here on the What’s Shakin’ Farm.

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