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Raw Vegan Carrot Cake…but it tastes good

April 2, 2016

This was one of those rare moment when a recipe an aggregated blog email actually turned into something in real life. You know the kind of thing “10 alternative easter treats” or “5 super quick cakes”. Usually I look at them, bookmark them and never get around to making them.


This one though caught my eye because it was one of those fancy ‘raw’ cakes but didn’t have a million ingredients that I’d have to go to a worthy health store to get. The only real expense was the coconut oil, but I got that from an indian supermarket near us and it was £2. Don’t bother getting it from a big place or health store. I also used coconut cream block as I couldn’t find coconut cream. The original recipe notes the issues with this but I got around it by adding extra liquid.


So I made it yesterday and it’s actually very easy to make. It also tastes great. Oh it’s not spongey and bouncy like a real cake I’ll agree, but it’s ridiculously  moreish.

I adapted the recipe from Sprinkle Of Green’s one  to make it a bit more achievable.


Raw Vegan Carrot Cake
(sort of healthy-ish maybe)

Makes 3 teacup sized cakes. Line teacups with clingfilm before starting.

Put 200g of cashew nuts into water to soak 2 hours beforehand.
For the Carrot Cake:
60g each of  walnuts and almonds [original uses pecans and walnuts]
30g cashews [original uses pistachios]
100g of pitted dates. I used the kind you get in a block [original states 15 medjool dates, pitted]
2  carrots, grated – about 150g [I think you could go for three to make more bulk]
40g desiccated coconut
1 teaspoon vanilla powder [I didn’t have any, used a touch of coffee essecnce]
1 teaspoon cinnamon
¼ teaspoon nutmeg
½ teaspoon ginger
For the ‘icing’ (this will give you enough to ice each cake and some left over to go in the middle if you want a layer cake. You could halve the quantity.
200g cashews, soaked for 2+ hours
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 chunk of coconut cream block 1inch x 2inch, crumbled
1 tablespoon coconut sugar  I don’t think it need the sugar – up to you
1 teaspoon vanilla essence / paste
1 teaspoon matcha powder  I opted out of the green!
A big splash of almond / soya / other milk

Method for the cake:
If you’re using the blocks of dates, break the dates up and soak in water while you do the next stage.
Put the nuts into a food processor and blend until small but not ‘flour’ like – about the texture when you see bags of crushed nuts in the supermarket.
Add the dates and blend until it goes sticky.
Add the grated carrots, spices and coconut. Pulse until combined.
Divide the mixture between the teacups, press down hard and cover. Put in the fridge for an hour.
If you’re not eating the cakes straight away put them in the freezer, it’ll make them easier to ice and then you can leave them to defrost.

Method for the icing:
Drain the soaked cashews and put into a food processor with the crumbled coconut cream, coconut oil and vanilla. Start to blend and add the milk a splash at a time until you have a smooth but thick consistency.

Cover the cakes in the icing. Decorate with coconut / nuts / dried fruit etc. If you’ve had the cake in the freezer leave out to defrost or slice up and put back in the freezer for later. It’s the best way to make sure you don’t eat it all with a spoon in one sitting. Which I would never do. Obviously.

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  1. April 3, 2016 9:22 pm

    Looks absolutely delicious!!
    I’ve never used coffee essence before, sounds so interesting! X

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