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Ben and Jerry’s, Montreal F1 and a confidence boost – training on holiday part 2

August 31, 2015

Training on holiday is going well – haven’t missed a session and getting to run with Mr B is lovely. I think he set the tone by demanding a run the first morning and I’m glad he did.

I persuaded him out on a threshold & 90% effort session in Vermont. It was tough – it’s very humid here. Threshold section was awful, really slow – over 7minute miles. 90% ones were: 5:37, 6:00, 7:02(!), 6:13, 6:24,7:02(!). Yikes. Ah well…

Next stop on the holiday tour was the Ben and Jerry’s factory. It didn’t disappoint. It’s only little, but they are *super super* (!) friendly. We got free entry and free cones thanks to the fact that we all turned up kitted out in B&J promo gear.


7 layer coconut is my new favourite flavour.


A lot of exciting flavours

Next up – Montreal. The land of roadworks and building projects. We stayed in a lovely Air BnB very close to an excellent coffee shop.


Air BnB win

Mr B discovered that you can run around the Montreal F1 track, so our route for an easy-run day was sorted.


Need a chequered flag


I win!

Given that it was a Friday, which would normally mean Beigel Run with the AR Collective, I thought it only fair to have a bagel as part of brunch.


We spent the day wandering around exploring and finished up in a square called Jardin Gamelin which had an open bar and entertainment. Mr B and the Howards (our mystery co-holidayers) went for burgers but I think I won with this lobster roll. I was feeling a bit nervous about my 60min attempt at marathon pace the next day. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried that kind of speed for that long on my own.


An early start and I headed out to find the canal and go exploring, whilst trying to keep up marathon pace (6:52) . It’s hard when you’re not sure where you’re going though! Splits were 6:45, 6:52, 6:53, 7:00, 6:53, 7:00, 6:54, 7:12, 7:04 so not amazing, but I feel that if I’d have had a clear route, no traffic and some fuel I could have nailed it. So all in all I’m quite pleased. I’m training without taking water / gels so that I feel the benefits when I used them. I rewarded myself with a really good capuccino from Pourquois Pas espresso bar.


Having done 10miles on my own that morning, it seemed like a great idea to walk 8 miles to find Market Atwater. Hmm. Both of us were hungry by the time we arrived so it’s a good thing we found Bon Vivant for some eggs benedict. The market was ok, but not what we expected. We sat by the canal for a while and soaked up the atmosphere and the above-average standard busker who was playing nearby,

IMG_1916Time to leave Montreal, so time for a rest day. This included an epic drive and 1.5hrs at the Canadian border – mad. Baby Charissa, who is the Howard’s baby, was fantastic despite being stuck in a car seat for hours on end.


Greenwich, CT

So, we’re back in Greenwich, CT and it was time for another long run this morning. Mr B wanted to run to the private beach that all residents are allowed to use. I got up early, did 6 miles (should have been further  – got lost – what a surprise) and came back to collect him. We then ran the 13 mile round trip to the beach. It ended up being the longest Mr B has run since Mablethorpe Marathon in 2011 and though I know he was annoyed at his pace, I think that’s pretty impressive. 20miles bagged for me and some more successful run-tourism. Do I really have to go back to work next week? Boo.

Tomorrow – easy run / rest day (to be decided) and we travel to Philadelphia and then DC. I can’t wait to run around DC!

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