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W1Ate – Sashimi, Chirashi Salad and Gyoza @ YouMeSushi Sushi (delivered)

August 27, 2015

Disclosure: I did not pay for the food in this review. You Me Sushi approached me and asked if I would like to review their food and delivery service. I was clear that I would only give my honest opinion when reviewing the service and food. I will be going there in the future to spend some of my own money…just not as much.

Vegetable Gyoza  £3.95 (5 pieces)
Chirashi £8.45 (1 large bowl)
Sesame Seared Beef Sashimi  £6.95
Soft Shell Crab Temaki  £5.95 (1 hand roll)
Grilled Eel Nigiri £3.95 (2 pieces)

Where: You Me Sushi

Distance from W1A: 0 – they delivered. Ordered at 11.20 and arrived just before midday. Very friendly delivery man.

How much: n/a the meal was complimentary  but individual prices are listed above


My overall impression was how wonderfully fresh everything was. I didn’t spot a single droopy salad leaf, the fish was tasty and meaty and the gyoza were piping hot. You could definitely tell it was made to order and that the ingredients were all new that day. There was also a never ending supply of extra ginger and sauces. Note to self, you cannot handle a broad-bean sized chunk of wasabi.

My top item has to be the Chirashi (see pictures below), a huge bowl full of sticky sushi rice topped with salmon and tuna nigiri, prawns, avocado, Japanese omelette, pickles, roe, some sort of seafood mix, beautiful ginger roses and salad. It was supplied with unagi sauce, spicy mayo. It was really filling and would easily have served as a large meal on its own. I have to admit to trying but leaving the larger of the roe. The tuna was particularly interesting (in a good way). I couldn’t put my finger the taste – somewhere between fish and red meat. I know that’s what the texture of tuna is meant to be like but I hadn’t noticed the very particular flavour before.

The seared beef was incredible. You wouldn’t think it’d be so easy to eat meat that raw, but I guess that must mean it’s good meat as it wasn’t chewy at all. The eel nigri was nice and fatty (I think that’s how eel should be?)

The gyoza, as mentioned above were piping hot (the menu says they are served cold but I’m not complaining). I slightly prefer the ones in Abokado, which I think have more mushroom in them and maybe less onion? But they were still very good and as should be the case with gyoza, didn’t feel like they were lacking meat.

The soft shell crab was my least favourite, though through no fault of the ingredients or cooking. I have wanted to try this for a while but hadn’t twigged that it was deep fried. I loved the crab meat but whilst the he shell was very crunchy, it was just a little bit too deep-fried for me. I like the clean feeling of sushi too much to want anything resembling batter involved in it.

You Me Sushi branches are open from 11am-10pm and charge a £2 delivery fee.


Taste: 8/10

Value for money: various/10 and it’s probably not fair to say since I didn’t pay. If I was staying in town for dinner one evening I would certainly get the Chirashi bowl and if a group of friends wanted to order a selection together for lunch I’d recommend it.

you me sushi delivery

sashimi beef

Vegetable Gyoza (hot)

Lots of food

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