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W1Ate – Crab Roll @ 48 Newman Street Tavern

August 18, 2015

One bite in.

What: Handpicked devonshire crab roll

Where: 48 Newman Street Tavern (takeaway window)

Distance from W1A: 0.4 miles

How much: £5

Notes: After trying a sample of this one lunchtime, I’ve been promising myself I’ll go back. Freshly made every day (to the point where they’ve sold out when I’ve tried to go before) these rolls are bought from a little window at the side of the pub. They look great all parcelled up with wax paper and a parcel label.

The crab tasted and felt really fresh, the dressing was tasty and light – thankfully not a cloying mayo. The salad was crunchy and the caper, well, the capers are the jewel in the crown. The kind of ingredient that I never think about and yet when included they lift this from nice to really worth savouring. My only criticism is that I didn’t need the spring onions. I felt they erred on the side of overpowering the delicate crab.

This roll made me stop and focus on my lunch. I took time to taste it and once I’d taken that first-bite photo I wasn’t tempted to multi task. I think I’ll be going back to try the beef roll sometime.


Taste: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10 I can’t give it more because £5 for a sandwich still seems like a lot, but when you compare it to other places and any specialty sandwiches, it’s really not bad at all. Fresh ingredients are worth it.

rollstogo newman street tavern


newman street tavern rollstogo crab

All parcelled up with care

Ready to roll

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