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W1Ate – Peanut Butter Bagel @ Beigel Bake

August 3, 2015

What: Peanut Butter Bagel / Beigel (freshly baked 24/7)

Beigel Bake

The finest Beigels in all the land

Where: Beigel Bake

Distance from W1A: 3.5 miles

How much: 90p


Every Friday I get up at 5:10am so that I can join the Advent Running group for a social 7mile run. It starts and ends (for most of the group) at this bakery. I’d run anyway, but the reward of these beigels is an extra incentive for the early start. This is not a light and fluffy bread product. The beigels are dense, chewy and filling. Made freshly from a huge mound of dough that can be seen at the back of the shop, this 24/7 bakery is a bit of an institution. The gravely voiced lady* who serves you has a never-failing East London style of cheer and the peanut butter is at the more sugary end of the spectrum, which is just what you need after a pre-dawn alarm call. I’m reliably informed that the salt beef is amazing here and also that Nutella & peanut butter is a particularly good combination. The pastries are good too. A good sized almond croissant will set you back about 80p if my memory serves me correctly. One side note though – don’t expect to buy coffee here unless you want instant 😉


Taste: 8/10

Value for money: 10/10 (Especially as the plain bagel is only 25p so if you supply your own peanut butter then it’s a total steal)

* I’ve stuck to their spelling of ‘beigel’ because I wouldn’t want to argue with her and because if they make them this good, I’m not complaining about the spelling.

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