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Win with Sweaty Betty #GetYourOMBack + Free class

June 30, 2015

Someone asked me at an exhibition recently if was “was a Yogi”. it was everything I could do not tho reply “let’s get a pic-er-nic-basket Boo Boo” so it’s safe to say that i’m not a Yoga aficionado.

However, I thought you might like to know about the Sweaty Betty #GetYourOmBack campaign launching tomorrow. In the month of July they are encouraging people to post photos on Instagram of them doing daily yoga poses to win prizes. If you go to the website they are giving people a pose a day to try. You can download the PDF calendar here. I may have a go at some of the poses below. If you want a giggle, keep an eye on my Instagram to see how bad I am!

They are also hosting free Yoga clases on 12th July in all their stores – sign up at their website.

If I can ever do this I’ll eat my running shoes

I should note that as a Christian I don’t subscribe to the spiritual part Yoga, but I can see there would be physical benefits, especially for someone who, like me is about as flexible as a brick (thanks to my PE teacher for that phrase). I would be happy to do a fitness only class, which is what most seem to be.

You can see the pros doing it on instagram @RobinMartinYoga @Deemoi @YogaOne1 @FitQueenIrene

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