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W1Ate – Flat White @ Caffix

June 22, 2015

What: A flat white coffee

IMG_1435 IMG_1434

How much: £1  like everything there

Notes: Everything is £1. Everything. Sandwiches, salads, breakfast, cakes, drinks etc. I had seen about this place in the press and assumed that the sandwiches would look measly and that there would only be filter coffee available. On the contrary, I would happily return to try their food and snacks and they appear to serve all sorts of drinks. On the downside, this really wasn’t a flat white. It was a strong milky coffee with a bit of froth. It wasn’t bitter to the point of throwing it away, but it definitely needed sugar. For a flat white it’s the right size, but if you’re used to giant cappuccinos you might notice the size difference. You could buy 2 though and still be cheaper than most large chains. On that note, I’m tempted to give them a second try and I’ll definitely be back, but maybe not for the flat white.caffix menu Where: 45 Newman Street, W1T 4QE

Distance from W1A: 0.4miles


Taste: 5/10 I’ve had a lot worse at Costa and paid more than twice the price.

Value for money: 8/10 great price but also great service. Really friendly staff and the other customers were chatty too.

IMG_1436 IMG_1432

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  1. June 22, 2015 8:37 pm

    Curiouser & curiouser… I need to pop in I think!

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