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PB&J Slice (recovery pudding)

June 15, 2015

This is great for those who are doing hefty amounts of physical training and need a protein boost for recovery but also want dessert. For those who think the whole protein shake thing is weird (it’s not something I ever saw myself using but it’s good for me at the moment) I’ve included a normal version below as well. The same company do a pancake and maple syrup flavour mix. I think that might have to be tested soon,

PB&J slice.

Heck. Yes.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Jam Protein Slice GoNutrition

For the base
4 teacups of oats /  muesli
4 tsbp peanut butter
1 tbsp treacle / golden syrup or Yacon syrup if you’re that way inclined
For the top (see below for alternative version):
2 scoops of Jammie Biscuit Protein mix
1 pint water
1 sachet gelatin granules

Melt peanut butter and treacle in a large saucepan over a low heat.
Stir in the oats until fully coated. Add more PB / treacle as required (or butter if you like)

Press to oat mixture into the base of a loaf tin and bake at 120c for 30mins or until turning slightly golden on top.
Leave too cool.
Using the instructions on the gelatin granule packet, dissolve it in as little water (taken from the pint) as the packet suggests is allowed. Add this to the rest of the water, mix well.
Put two scoops of the protein powder in a shaker and add the liquid. Shake well.
Pour the resulting mixture over the cooled base and put int he fridge to set.
Run a palette knife around the edge once set and then turn out.
You can swap out some of the water for almond or other milks. You could also add fruit or coconut flakes or a while host of other things. I drizzled a bit or warmed jam over it and ate with blueberries.

I think you could legitimately have it for breakfast with a nice strong coffee. 

For non-protein version:
1 x 135g packet strawberry jelly
290 ml chilled evaporated milk

Make the jelly but only add 300ml water to it.
Allow the jelly to cool but not set, then pour in the evaporated milk
Whisk for about 5 – 10 minutes, the mixture should contain lots of bubbles
Pour onto the base and leave to set

Post work-out pudding slice peanut butter and jam protein

Thanks to GoNutrition for the  sample. I was not required to review, write recipes or anything else but I happen to like it. I also got sent their protein hot chocolate mix. It mixes really well and makes a lovely thick hot chocolate. My only slight complaint is that it could be more chocolatey, but I like my chocolate dark so I just add a bit of cocoa. They are always on sale in some way or another, so it’s pretty good value.

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