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W1Ate – Planet Organic Raw BLT Sandwich

June 12, 2015

I try to take a packed lunch and breakfast to work as much as possible but there are inevitably days when I forget or when I’m in town in the evening as well and need to get food. So, I’m going to start a new series called W1Ate about things I have eaten within the radius of my workplace, W1A. This will sometimes be a sandwich from a supermarket, sometimes just a coffee, sometimes more substantial outings. Sometimes it’ll be adventurous, sometimes very safe. it’ll always be pretty brief!

What: Raw BLT sandwich from Raw Imagination “A classic reinvented. With a generous portion of coconut chips tossed in olive oil, smoked paprika, and maple syrup. Accompanied by crispy lettuce and juicy tomato to hold true to its famous name.”

Raw vegan blt sandwich from planet organic

How much: £5ish – can’t remember exactly but remember thinking it was pretty steep

Notes: I thought I’d fully embrace the Planet Organic style and go for a raw-vegan offering. The “bread” was firm and flat – closer to a crispbread than normal bread. As a while the sandwich was enjoyable and tasty. Ingredients very fresh and crunchy but somewhere in the mix there was WAY too much onion. I spent the rest of the evening holding my hand infront of my face. A shame as it was an intriguing and enjoyable mix of textures.

Where: Planet Organic, 22 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HJ, United Kingdom

Distance from W1A: 0.6 miles


Taste: 3/10 (caused by the onion)

Value for money: 5/10 I realise good ingredients cost money and raw food is harder to manufacture, but that much seems a lot for a sandwich.

I bought the sandwich with my own money. All views are my own.

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