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How to Run-Commute

June 8, 2015

This is for all those who say “you run to work every day? – I could never do that”. The caveat being that I enjoy running. It’s not something you should or have to do, but it really can be rather fun.

1. Get your running clothes out the night before and pack your rucksack.  An old piece of advice, but true. If you trip over them as you get up you’re less likely to “forget”.

2. You don’t need an expensive bag or kit – I use a £10 one from Mountain Warehouse and it has never chafed and fits everything in very nicely.

It’s not necessary, but have recently been trying out I Am Runbox which is good for keeping clothes smart if you’re in a more formal workplace. So far I rather like it. It stops things jiggling around (the clothes etc, not me) and it’s very light.DSC_0040

(You may think that’s a bad photo but I don’t normally look even half as together as that when I leave at 6.20 every morning. But hey, it’s dark most of the year!)

3. Work out how much money and time you are saving. It’s a great motivator. I reckon it takes me 10mins more to run-commute to one of my offices and it’s actually 10mins faster for the other one. I save as least one tube fare, if not two so that’s up to £7.90 a day if I’m doing cross-office journeys. Add to that the saving on gym membership and it’s rather a lot.

4. Set your alarm earlier than you think you’ll need. It might seem brutal, but if you feel flustered and rushed the first time you try it you’re less likely to try again. You can trim the times later.

5. Decide to do it and do it. Maybe try a Monday and Friday the first week and see how you feel. I know twice in a week sounds like a lot but it’ll help you get in a routine.

6. Breakfast. You’re unlikely to want to eat breakfast before you run if you’re getting up early. So long as you’re not going for more than about 1hr 30 and you had a good dinner, that’s fine. Make sure you’ve got something nice planned for breakfast at the other end though and some snacks for mid-morning munchies. I have a favourite cereal that’s a bit stupidly expensive, but I can justify it because of the saving I make by running. I have large bowl of it mixed with Go Nutrition’s Jammie-Biscuit flavour protein powder (because I do a lot of running so I need the oomph and who doesn’t want their breakfast to taste like Jammie Dodgers?). If you’re not doing as much then work out whatever you think you need to keep going. I’m guessing plenty of carbs and a bit of protein, but I’m no nutritionist.

Friday is bagel day for me:

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#runrise reward

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7. Find a good podcast or audio book if it’s safe to run with headphones and you like it –  the time will fly by. Sometimes though it’s nice just to look at the world and think. Your call.

Do contact me via twitter or instagram @gillbla if you want any other advice. I usually post a photo at the end of my run commute every day so you can keep a track of me!

Here’s some other thoughts and things I have learned:

  •  If you have showers at work, run in the morning. It’s much the better of the two. If you don’t then running home is probably your only option. Running home does mean that you don’t have to pre-plan your clothes every day, so there’s something to be said for that.
  • If you run into work then one day you WILL forget a key item of clothing. For men this is likely to be less of a challenge, but ladies I suggest you have a secret hiding place for emergency items or at least have a think what you’d do should the situation arise eg. where is your nearest purveyor of undergarments or which colleague can you ring to do an emergency shop-stop on the way into work.
  • If you get into work early enough then you can probably sneak into a meeting room and use a travel hairdryer without anyone except a slightly bemused security guard noticing. Other wise, hand-dryers + plait/bun are the friend of the female run-commuter.
  • Never try drying long hair in a dyson hand dryer. Oh the knots.
  • Shampoo can be shower gel too. No need for two bottles. Also, invest in a screw top travel bottle. It won’t flip open by accident and drench your suede brogues in shampoo (not that I’ve ever done that of course).
  • Don’t let other things drop that you’d normally do. If you normally say goodbye to people before leaving for work and they’re not up, leave a nice note. For me, I would normally read my bible and pray first thing in the morning and it’s important that doesn’t drop off as a result. Sometimes I do it before I leave and sometimes over breakfast at work.

This is where my runcommute ends:

I was sent the gonutrition and IAmRunbox stuff for free but wasn’t required to write about it. I am about to re-stock anyway, so I’d spend my own money on them

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  1. June 8, 2015 2:37 pm

    Funny, similar post today. Running to work is the best! 🙂

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