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BBC Regents Park 10k race and cutting the ipod cord

May 30, 2015

As part of my bid to explore different types of training and under the watchful guidance of FullPotential, I’m running a few 10ks over the summer. I’m hoping it’ll help build speed and also give me race experience without the all-or-nothing pressure of a marathon.

The first of these was the BBC Running Club Regents Park 10k last Thursday. It’s an annual 3 laps of Regents park, it’s open to anyone and it’s very friendly. There are about 180 entrants and everyone goes to the pub afterwards. Guess what? I won 1st place female! Ok it’s a little, low-key race and ok there are other factors (below) to note. But still, my first 1st place! This is exciting. Now, read on for more of a race report if you’re interested. Full results here.

I was looking forward to the race but had absolutely no idea what kind of time I should expect. There’s time to fix mistakes in marathon distance, but with a 10k it’s all decided much sooner.

I got to work on the morning of the race and realised I’d forgotten my phone. I’ve only ever done races with music in one ear and I think I felt more nervous on the starting line without the comfort blanket of some good tunes than I’ve felt in any race ever, perhaps even Manchester and the big 3:00:00 attempt. I’d been wanting to try racing without headphones for a while, since no professional runners use them, but everytime I’ve thought ‘I’ll do it in the next one’.

I got a good start from the middle of the pack and managed to work my way past all the ladies by 1.5k. After that I just wanted to go out strong and stay even-paced. Negative splits would have been lovely. With a marathon pace of about 6:52 you’d think I should be able to run 10k a lot faster but speed is something I struggle with. Splits of 6:37,6:41,6:48,6:49,6:48,6:52,6:59 show that I need to be careful not to go out hard and suffer later. All in all though, I really enjoyed it. I kept my lead the whole way around and the next female was a couple of minutes behind. The only sligh downer is that had the two ladies who came 1st and 2nd last year been there, I still would have come third as they had times of 40 and 41mins. Something to aim for.

As far as the music issue was concerned: there were a few moments when my breathing bothered me and I’m not sure if a great song could have given me a bit of extra oomph. However, hearing my breathing made me remember to correct my posture and made me focus on something ahead of me. I think (hope) I could get used to it.

Next on the agenda is:

Normal training this week inc. Tuesday Track night with Advent Running

Saturday: 10k in the Olympic Park while Mr B goes off to play a golf tournament.

From next Monday (8th) Mr B is starting a weekly pilates class to help with his back. I’m going to go too and am really looking forward to it. I’ve heard it’s good for runners. Any pilates advice (inc what to wear) much appreciated.

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