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New Food News – Fitness Focus Edition

May 10, 2015

Another quick round up of some of the more health and fitness focussed products that I’ve come across recently

Yacon Syrup and porridge from Alara and OTE Superfoods

Yacon roots are a tuberous vegetable. The syrup has a malty sweet taste. It’s a bit like treacle but less liquorice-y.
There’s many claims about the low-calorie, pre-biotic effect of Yacon. But I like it for the flavour. I want to try making gingerbread with it, but most of it got put on porridge or mixed with cocoa for a drink. You can also get pertwood farms organic porridge with it mixed in.


Proteindrinkcompany – U-fit Chocolate and Strawberry milk

I never thought I’d be someone who drink protein shakes but I’ve recently been earning the important of properly fuelling my training. Whilst these milkshakes are great for muscle recovery, I’m still drinking them on my off-days because I like them. It’s an excuse to drink pink and chocolate milk. Also, the chocolate one make amazing hot chocolate if you heat it up. I’m a bit put off by the list of ingredients but I don’t think it’s any worse than other non-health branded ready made milkshakes.


Next time I’ll be reviewing…

GoFiga, an antioxidant rich fig powder combined with berries, chia seeds, cinnamon and glucomannan.

GoNutrition – Protein Hot Chocolate & Whey Protine in Jammie Biscuit flavour

Alara cereals

I received all of these products free of charge. I was not required to do a review but felt it polite to do so.

If you would like to feature on these round ups please do get in touch via twitter @gillbla or use the contact me page.

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