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May 6, 2015

Here’s a little round up of some tasty things I’ve been lucky enough to try recently:

Soupe du Jour – Soup for lunch is definitely not the boring option

With two branches in London (city and soho) Soupe du Jour changed my mind about the idea of soup for lunch. I have to admit that before I went I wasn’t convinced that I’d ever chose to go to a soup shop for lunch. I was wrong. I tried Truffled Mushroom (really rich and earthy), Coco Brocolli (a bit like thai green chilli) and saw the thick chunky chilli, meatballs for topping, amazing german bread. Last but definitely not least I was surprised to come out thinking that the tomato soup was my favourite. Don’t get me wrong, all the others were great but this was a revelation in tomato soup and came topped with parmesan crisps. They serve a range of gluten free cakes and pastries and all the soups are gluten free. Owned by two friends (one french and one german), the sourcing and ethos is all admirable (free range, traceable, leftovers are donated to local hostel) and the team are about as friendly as they come.

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Sheridans Cheesemongers Brown Bread Crackers

Gorgeous packaging for sweet, nutty handmade crackers

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Hand-made in west cork using stoneground flour, local co-op butter and locally produced buttermilk, 400+ Marks & Spencer are now stocking these as part of their expanded range of artisan foods from across the British Isles.  I made sure I tried a cracker solo to get the full taste and I’d be happy to eat them that way all the time. They have a lovely sweet malty flavour and a crisp dense texture. They are on the digestive biscuit end of the flavour spectrum but much more refined. If you like soda bread, southafrican rusks (oh so different to UK ones) or in fact any great, well produced food then these are for you. I think they’d be great with a sharp fruity chutney and a salty creamy cheese….or in fact any of the cheese at Sheridans. Wow… Here’s a company I want to try more from.

Speculaas Spice Company spice mix

I came across VanDotsch Spuculaas spice mix at Highgate christmas food fair. Their caramels, popcorn and biscuits were great (could have eaten far too much) but I was particularly pleased to given a sample of their spice mix. Since then I’ve made granola with it, sprinkled it over porridge, added it to hot chocolate, made my own spiced popcorn and shaken it over butternut squash and kale before roasting. I suppose it’s a little bit like “pumpkin pie spice mix” that you get in the USA…but more refined 😉


TörtchenTörtchen macarons by post

I was alerted to these by someone I met through Foodie Penpals. The company are currently testing their delivery of macarons abroad and wanted people to report back on whether they arrived in one piece. Not only did they arrive looking lovely, they tasted great and they came with packaging that you could assemble yourself so that you could put the macarons in a gift box and give them to friends.

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