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Spring Eating with Pizza Express

May 4, 2015

I’ve been remiss in telling you about Pizza Express’s spring menu, but it’s still on and I can still recommend it. Mr B and I sampled it last bank holiday, so why not try it for this one?


On Easter Monday Mr B and I went for a day out at Waterperry Gardens followed by a brief and somewhat fraught trip to Bicester Outlet Village (fools). We finished the trip off with a visit to Pizza Express’s Bicester branch. Apologies for the photos – we were too busy stuffing our faces. Some official ones can be seen at the end of the review.

The spring menu includes 3 new Romana 65 pizzas: American Hottest has’nduja sausage (very ‘in’), La Regina is a white pizza with ham hock and Margherita Buffala is a posh version of a Margherita. There’s also plenty of new spring-flavoured pasta, salad and desert menus.

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Mr B ate:
Risotto Fresco – one happy Mr B can be seen in the photos.  A creamy roasted  salmon risotto and a very generous portion.
Ham Hock Roman 65 – I may have snaffled some of this. It was like christmas harnessed into a fresh new spring format. The base was so crispy too!
Honeycomb cream slice – Mr B whittled his desert choice down to 3 and I guessed all of them.

I ate:
Bruschetta con funghi – oh. my. goodness. This was so good. Creamy sauce over mushrooms, sweet roasted onions and balsamic dressing, all on really crispy bread.
Spring Superfood Salad – this is HUGE! So much for feeling like the awkward one with the salad. I nearly didn’t finish it. Fresh crisp salad, crunchy pine nuts, creamy mozzarella and avocado, grilled tenderstem and chicken. Yum.
Leggera Tartufo Limoncello – A little sweetness to end the meal. There could maybe have been a bit more oozy-ness in the middle though.

It’s particularly worth noting that the staff were amazing. Sarah (restaurant manager) and Sam (waiter) were friendly, attentive and knowledgeable about the food. While they were aware that I was a blogger, I earwigged on their conversations with other diners and it was exactly the same for them. Nice work team!

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It’s worth noting that I’d also been to PE’s charing cross branch the week before with some girlfriends and am going there next week, so it’s not like I am saying one thing and doing the other. Now, where’s that Brushcetta con Funghi so I can bury my face in it…

Pizza Express paid for our meal but I wasn’t required to write a review, good or otherwise.


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