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Foodie Penpals November: Glorious Goodies from Gill

November 27, 2014

It’s the final Foodie Penpal swap of the year as it always takes a break for December. Once again, my sender was new to the scheme. There seem to be a lot of newbies recently – hurrah! Even more excitingly my parcel came from another Gillian – yes I wasn’t christened “pigling” (well, I wasn’t christened at all but you can ask me about that if you’re interested) and there’s surprisingly few of us Gillians out there. Anyway, G-licious as she calls herself sent a storming first parcel. She had taken into account everything I’d said in my email to her and wrote a little not to explain each one as well as giving me a branded bag (she’s a photographer – see below).

Portlebay Popcorn – Mr B’s favourite flavour too. We’ve been hunting down this flavour and once bought the entire stock of a shop just in case we couldn’t find it again.

Spelt and ginger thins by Patchwork– I had mentioned that I have a lot of half used jams and chutneys so Gill sent me these to have them with. They are REALLY good.

Christmas chocolate...because.

Moffats Meadows Herb mix by Uncle Roys because it had a cute jar (I agree) but also it’s got flowers herbs and seeds. Interesting.

Porridge Seed and Honey bar by Your Piece – basically a flapjack with extra seeds. DO you hear me complaining? Definitely not.

Gillian has her own very unique type of photography. Much more interesting than your average portraits. Check her out here.

Sadly I missed the deadline to join the Great Food Blogger Cookie swap this year but I’m hoping to join a different one instead.

You can see what everyone else got here

The Lean Green Bean

More about Foodie Penpals

Started by The Lean Green Bean, Foodie penpals is a way for food bloggers and blog readers to get to know each other, via a lovely parcel in the mail every month. This is Rock Salt has brought it to the UK and Europe. Here’s the rough outline of how it works:

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