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Summer flavours before they fly away

August 29, 2014

I have a confession to make. I’ve known about the Pizza express summer menu all summer and have been too forgetful / lazy to mention it to you. A 25% off voucher dropped into my inbox this morning and reminded me that there won’t be long left to catch it. People more organised than me are already looking ahead to their Christmas menu (eg. Heidi )

So, very quickly, here’s some of the things I tried yonks ago…

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One item not pictured (I was too busy discussing its merits with those around me) is the Leggera Summer Salad which has Chicken, goat’s cheese, strawberries, mint and blueberries on seasonal mixed leaves with our light house dressing and fresh basil. You wouldn’t think blueberries, strawberries and mint would work in a savoury salad, but it really does. That said, the gents from a running magazine who were also there to sample the menu were much more interested in the pizza!

I have to say that the highlight of my evening was the lovely guys behind the pizza counter who showed me how to throw pizza dough to stretch it. I had a whale of a time and even got the confidence to go home and make my own – as you saw here. I’m not sure the restaurant manager at your local Pizza express would take kindly to you asking for a demo at peak dining time, but maybe if you wait until closing?

So, since apparently we’re getting a last bash at summer this coming week, lets hold onto those summer flavours a little longer!


Thanks to FabPR for inviting me to sample the summer menu. As usual I wasn’t required to write a review or be nice (good thin, since I’m so late to the party on this one!) I genuinely enjoyed all the food and almost always chose the Leggera menu so this just my normal P.E experience!

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