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Peach Bubble Tea, Pigling Bland Style

August 3, 2014

I’ve tried bubble tea twice. I can’t remember the first time but this time was at the Wembley Outlet centre and it wasn’t great. I had green tea (very sweet) and inadvertently chose popping bubbles, which were filled with a synthetic flavoured strawberry sugary liquid.

I decided to make my own version when I get home. It’s be a good way for your whole family to be able to enjoy bubble tea without having a load of nasties. I do like the slightly odd sensations of bits of jelly in the middle of a drink. It’s like a little wibbly surprise in each sip!

peach bubble tea

Summer Refreshment

You could make iced tea or sub half the milk for a fruit tea if you want to make it properly a tea drink, but I like it as a milkshake.

Peach Bubble “Tea”

Choose your glass and take..
1 pack sugar free strawberry jelly mix or ready made jelly pots like Hartleys
1 peach (you could peel the peach, but I’ve left the skin on – hence the bits in the photo)
3/4 glass milk
6 icecubes


Make up the jelly ahead of time if you’re making your own.
Chop the peach into large chunks.
Put the peach, icecubes and milk into a large jug or a blender.
Use a stick blender or the actual blender to blitz it.
In the jelly pot use a knife to chop it up into bits.
Pour the peach milkshake into a glass, spoon in the jelly bits.
Drink with a straw.



peach milkshake and jelly

Bits of jelly and peach





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