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Unsung heroes of my kitchen: Lékué and Wright’s Baking

June 15, 2014

There’s a winning team in my kitchen. Yes, I’ve imported the entirety of the Dutch [or insert current World Cup match winners] football team…only kidding! It’s an unassuming looking grey silicone bowl and a little paperbag. Nearly every weekend for some time now this dream-team can be seen working their magic in Pigling Bland kitchen. I think it’s because it’s so simple and so uncomplicated that I haven’t shared it with you until now, but it seems daft that my two most used kitchen products hadn’t had a mention.

So what are they?

The Lékué  Break maker and bread mixes from Wright’s

Lekue and Wrights flour bread mix

A match made in bread-ven


I know making bread isn’t that hard, but when we’ve got visitors staying or limited time, the certainty of this bread mix is an utter delight. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a first rise, second rise, bake and then….BRICK! This stuff is reliable and what’s more, it’s really good.

Using the Lekue breadmaker I can mix the dough with the dough hook on my Kitchen aid and then just flop the lot into the silicone bowl. Because it won’t get transferred for baking I can make the dough much wetter than normal, which makes for a lovely light loaf. After the first rise, I just mush it around a bit in the bowl, hook the top bit together and wait for it to rise again. Next, pop the whole lot in the oven (I open the bowl for the last 5 mins to make sure it gets browned) and tadaa!

Ready to bake

I love the dark malty mixed seed, but the plain white is even airier if you like your bread really open in texture.

As far as the bowl is concerned, I know £25 seems a lot for a bit of rubber. I was highly skeptical after having had bad experiences with silicone in the past, but I have recommended these two items to SO many friends (eg. Amy from Miskin Makes on the weekend that I made two loaves in as many days!) that I know I would buy a replacement using my own hard earned cash.

Crumbs, that’s good.


I was sent the bread maker to review but I really do love it. I was sent some Wright’s mixes a couple of years ago and have been buying them regularly since. Their cake mixes are also excellent.

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  1. July 13, 2014 5:32 pm

    Thank you for the tip. I’ve used mine with Wright’s Simple Sourdough bread mix and it turned out fantastic. It also makes a good cutting/trash bowl to put the pods in while shelling peas or broadbeans.

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