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Heard, Read and Learned

January 12, 2014

Every week I listen to a range of podcasts, many of which are food related. I also end up reading various books, blogs and articles. I am going to start doing a weekly roundup of things that I’ve found interesting, in the hope that you may do to.

This week I’ve been reading Eat My Globe by Simon Majumbdar. It’s very funny and I will try to write a full review soon, but in the chapter I’ve just finished I learned that in Iceland they eat the tongue out of a sheep’s skull. Nice. It appears that Ben Keene also had the same experience, and there’s photographic evidence here.

Onto the podcasts…

Farming Today (BBC Radio 4)

06/01/2014 Amongst other things, I have learned that CAP (Common Agricultural Policy from the European which dictates some of farming funding) modulation is going to be 0% in Ireland. Modulation is the transfer of EU CAP funds from Pillar 1 (guarantee expenditure and single farm payments) to Pillar 2 (rural development and agri-environmental schemes).
In short, this means that Irish environmental and rural projects are worried because their funding will be reduced.  In England the rate is 12% and Wales is 15%.
The Food Programme (BBC Radio 4)

22/12/2013 Nutmeg: The smell of Christmas?

Nutmeg and mace come from the same plant.

Nutmeg is the seed and mace is a red, lacy covering (aril) that protects the nutmeg by growing around it. Until the mid-19th century the only place that Nutmeg grew was on 6 of the remote Banda Island in remote Indonesia and was monopolised by the Dutch for a long time.

In the 19th century  the British planted it in the Caribbean. Thanks to another great contribution from Vanessa Kimbell of Juniper and Rose – I love hearing her talking to producers. She has a way of drawing their passion out of them and covering tough subjects (eg. hurricane devastation) in a gentle way.

Also, I want to try nutmeg jam!

06/01/2014 BBC Food & Farming Awards

For the last few years I have enjoyed listening to the judges travels around the country finding out about producers, cooks and initiatives in all corners of the UK. I hadn’t realised that St Alban’s had a pudding cart outside its train station until I listened to last years ‘Best Takeaway’ nominations.

You can nominate your choices by following this link. The judging panel will then draw up a shortlist of three and will travel to visit them before making a final decision

KCRW Good Food (American)

03/01/14 Breakfast – the most important meal of the day

News of the The Golden Spurtle competition has reached America.

Some people eat Korean rice cakes filled with acorn powder for breakfast. I thought acorn was hallucinogenic?!

A man is on a mission to ask the question “does it waffle?” – find out more at Waffleizer. S’mores waffles look very good.

The Kitchen Cabinet (BBC Radio 4)

Not currently on air – find old episodes here

The Kitchen  Cafe (BBC Radio Scotland)

03/01/14 Commonwealth Cooking

In Samoa they sometimes cook in an earth oven called an Umu (a cooking pit). Suckling pig is a favourite.

The Splendid Table (American)

20/12/13 Duck Duck Goose. Candied nutmeg exists. Also, you can get good German sparkling wine.

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  1. January 12, 2014 11:41 pm

    Have you heard of the New Zealand Hangi? It’s utterly scrumptious!!

  2. January 13, 2014 7:43 am

    Interesting! I sometimes hear Farming Today (I think it’s the one you are referring to) when the alarm goes off and then find it too interesting to actually get out of bed…

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