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Food Frivolities – interesting things I have seen

December 15, 2013

A whole host of interesting food related things have flitted across my computer screen and through my kitchen over the last month or so. Some are very mainstream, some more leftfield (see the first item) but I thought you might be interested to know about some of the following food frivolities.

Eden’s Paper
Plantable wrapping paper

Wrapping paper made out of seven layers of interlocked, embossed tissue paper with seeds locked in the layers. It is printed with vegetable based inks so that the whole thing is non-toxic and can be planted in your garden instead of throwing the wrapping paper away. I like the idea that wrapping paper become part of the gift, though you would have to be happy with a vegetable based design. Currently sourcing funding using kickstarter, so we’ll see if it takes off but I really hope it does. Feel free to wrap my Christmas presents in Broccoli this year.

They say:
Eden’s Paper is 100% plantable wrapping paper. Currently there are five wrapping papers to choose from, these have the seeds of Carrots, Tomato, Broccoli, Chilli and Onion all embedded into them. Eden’s Paper helps reduce landfill paper waste by encouraging people to plant their wrapping paper to grow vegetables, instead of throwing away wrapping paper in the bin.

A dainty way to make make Christmas gatherings easy

Having shown you some cheats canapes using Jules Destrooper biscuits, I was recently sent some of these intriguing little things:

Pidy seem to have been aiming mainly at the catering business in the past. I first saw their veggie cups in a deli on the Isle of Wight so I was pleased to hear that this is part of a plan to roll out their products to home cooks. I am particularly looking forward to using the beetroot cup – currently I’m thinking a brownie filling in some, and a falafal filling in others.

Sugar and Crumbs
Naturally flavoured icing sugar and cocoa

Coconut Cocoa Powder

I was alerted to this company by Wright’s Baking who, as I’m sure you know by now, I have a lot of time for. Sugar and Crumbs launched at the Cake International Show (NEC) and produce 24 naturally flavoured icing sugars (including one called Christmas punch) and 5 naturally flavoured cocoa powders. It made me wonder why pre-flavoured icing sugar and cocoa has not been done before. If it’s all natural then it’s a great time-saving trick. I know that doing things from scratch is the ideal, but sometimes it’s better to enjoy baking than to be purist. Hopefully this will allow for both.  I’ve been sent coconut cocoa powder, pear drop icing sugar and turkish delight icing sugar. I’ve tried the cocoa as a drink and it tastes like the Options coconut hot chocolate, except you can control the sweetness. I’ll let you know how I get on with the others – any suggestions for what to do with them? What goes with pear drop?!

Foodie Offerings
Free online food magazine

I’m always happy to read a free magazine. In fact I’ve found in the past that free supermarket magazines often have more useful and achievable recipes than some of the glossy mags. This new addition to the free mag scene is mainly aimed at iPad/iPhone users. It looks like it’s mainly advertorials (update: the Editor has kindly replied to my tweets to tell me that they are largely non-paid content at the moment) though the products and companies mentioned do look interesting and there are discounts off them. I think it’s worth keeping an eye on but I’ll reserve judgement for the moment.

Bringing you chocolate democracy

Strawberry, lemon, white or coffee flavoured Aero

Until the 20th December 2013 you can vote for your favourite Aero flavour. Isn’t democracy a wonderful thing? If, like me, you’re completely incapable of making a decision then it’s ok because the internet will help you decide with a handy quiz. I seem to come out as a white chocolate lover however hard I try to trick the system into giving me the wonderfully Nesquick-esque strawberry. I should point out that in real elections I would probably not advise online polls as a way to choose your vote. I’m 99% sure that the suffragettes were not looking for freedom of chocolate choice.

You thought that was the end? Nope! have another installment for you soon.

I have been sent products by Pidy and Sugar and Crumbs to test. All views are my own and things that I have stumbled across and thought you might like to know about. 

Thanks to CLIP Creative and PR for the Pidy samples.


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  1. December 16, 2013 9:38 am

    Oh, I LOVE the plantable wrapping paper idea!

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