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Quick Christmas Canapés and Drinks (and cheats chocolate mousse)

November 25, 2013

It was suggested to me a while back that Jules Destroooper’s delicate biscuits and waffles would make for excellent canapé bases. This suggestion got me thinking…and thinking… and not doing. I kept having ideas that involved having to go out and buy special ingredients and somehow I never got around to it (quelle surprise). This is exactly what happens with having friends over spontaneously at Christmas – it all involves too much planning and just never happens.

Canapes easy christmas entertaining

Festive fayre

So, I decided the other evening that I was going try to make nice nibbles using only foodstuffs that we already had in our relatively bare fridge. I think the result makes for a pretty good showing and proves that I *could* have people over a no notice and still make a good show with minimal effort. Also, it includes the easiest (and possibly healthiest) chocolate mousse recipe ever.

Hurrah for De-strooper, you have De-stressed Christmas hosting.

jules de strooper wenslydale fig

Almond thins, Wensleydale and figs

Here you can see:
Almond thins topped with figs, whisky and dried fruit Wensleydale and a drizzle of grape molasses
Chocolate covered hazelnut florentine with crispy rice topped with cheats chocolate orange mouse, boozy fruit and festive nuts.

chocolate orange boozy canapes

Easy chocolate orange mousse

Other ideas I had:
Icecream piped between two almond thins and then the sides coated in toasted coconut.
A fake mille-fuille: layers of cream, fruit, almond thin, cream, fruit, almond thin.
Crushed Maltesers with mascarpone piped onto the butter waffle biscuits
Serano ham, rocket and cranberry sauce on the almond thins.
Mix chestnut puree and creme fraiche to top the hazelnut florentine then top with sliced roasted chestnut or dried cranberries.

I also think their apple thins offer some interesting ideas.

Cheats Chocolate Orange Mousse

2 heaped tbsp greek yoghurt
3 tsp hot chocolate mix (you can use either full or low-cal ones as long as it’s the kind that you make up with water – you need the milk powder)
1 or 2 drops of orange essence, or the zest of half an orange

Mix the ingredients together vigorously. The chocolate will give the yoghurt a grainy texture to start with but if you keep on mixing away it will get smoother.

Tadaa! Easy, isn’t it?

I put a mixture of sliced almonds, whisky soaked glace cherries  (stollen from the fruit stewing for my christmas cake) and peanut brittle on the top.

You can also see an elegant Sagaform wine carafe (which came from RedCandy) filled with Spiced Berry Cordial (Bottlegreen). I thought I wanted to put Port in the carafe, but actually what I particularly like about the design is that a non-alcoholic drink looks really grown up when served from it. The lines are clean and the oak stopper is pleasingly solid, yet the whole thing looks very delicate.

Redcandy wine carafe

Sagaform Wine Carafe

Thanks very much to Jules Destrooper, purveyors of tasty biscuits and Red Candy, which has stacks of brilliantly designed homeware products, for sending me the biscuits and carafe. I wasn’t asked to write a review and I am definitely voicing my own opinions here. The empty boxes and the pride of place for the carafe will vouch for that!

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  1. November 27, 2013 9:34 pm

    Fab idea to use hot chocolate mix with Greek yogurt! I’ve made mousse with Greek yogurt and chocolate hazelnut spread, but wouldn’t have thought of this! It’s a great spur of the moment dessert (I am never without either ingredient)!

  2. December 5, 2013 11:08 pm

    Fantastic showing! I wish my fridge was this helpful…

  3. karen278 permalink
    December 9, 2013 7:32 pm

    LOVELY photos and a GREAT recipe too, I LOVE cheatin’! Karen


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