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English Muffins – GBBO technical bake 2

August 27, 2013

Have you just been watching episode 2 of the Great British Bake Off? Wondering how a first time muffin-maker might get on? Well hello there. I made muffins for the first time this afternoon so I’m here to share my hugely experienced muffin-based wisdom with you.

GBBO Great British Bake Off Muffins Paul Hollywood

Afternoon tea with a muffin anyone?

  1. I tried to make a half batch first time around – don’t bother. It’s too fiddly the dough seems to rise better as a big batch.
  2. Make sure you flour the trays when you leave the muffins to rise the second time. Getting stuck muffins off a tray does nothing for their shape.
  3. Don’t use too much butter to fry them. They burn before they are cooked inside and the browned butter leaves unsightly flecks on your muffins.
  4. As soon as one side of the muffin has started to set (about 1 min) flip it. This will make sure they are evenly flat on each side. Then carry on cooking them slowly.

Once you’ve mastered the art of muffinery, there’s a multitude of muffin meals available to you (I’m channeling my Mel and Sue) – you could smear your muffins with butter and jam, toast them and put eggs and hollandaise on them, or set a nation to outrage and put peanut butter and jelly <cough> jam on them…

English Muffins

(makes 12)
225ml milk
60ml water
450g strong white flour
1 tsp caster sugar
1 tsp salt
1 sachet of fast action yeast (7g)  (I can feel the hollywood sneer from here!)
spray oil or maybe a tiny bit of oil/butter

Measure the milk and water into a microwaveable jug and microwave for 1min until tepid.
Put the flour into a large bowl (the mixer bowl if you are machine-kneading). Add the yeast on one side, the sugar on another, the salt on another. Stir together, covering the yeast in flour first so that it doesn’t touch the salt or sugar before the flour.
Add the milk and water and using your hands, bring together into a dough.
Knead for roughly 10mins or 5mins using the bread hook on your mixer. It should me smooth and silky.
Leave the dough in the bowl, covered with clingfilm, to rise until doubled in size. If in a warm place, roughly 1 hr but you could let it go slower.
Tip the dough onto a lightly floured surface and push it out until 1cm thick (I found this easier than rolling, but you could roll it out)
Using a muffin ring or scone cutter, cut 12 muffins out of the dough. It should be just enough with a tiny bit left over…for …testing.
Place on 2 floured trays and leave to rise for 30min or so until puffed up.

Muffins bread rising great british bake off

Puffed up muffins (and 1st attempt behind)

Heat a cast iron frying pan / hot plate and either use spray oil, or get some butter on a bit of kitchen roll and wipe it over it.
Place a few muffins on the pan and immediately turn down the heat. You need the dough to cook all the way through before the outside burns.
I found that that key was then turning them as soon as the first side has started to crisp, before there was any colour on it, so that the muffin became evenly flat on both sides. Then cook on a low heat for about 6 mins each side but you’ll need to press them to judge if they feel cooked.

English Muffins Rise Great British Bake Off Paul Hollywood

Is that a “good bake?”

You can see all the bloggers who are baking along with GBBO by checking out the “Great Blogger Bake Off” hosted by The Crazy Kitchen and Mummy Mishaps and also the link up over at Bakers Anonymous GreatBloggersBakeOff

11 Comments leave one →
  1. August 27, 2013 10:25 pm

    Mmm, these look so good! And I love the word ‘muffinery’

  2. jennypaulin permalink
    August 28, 2013 8:39 am

    your muffins look sooooo good! Muffins seem to be a popular choice to make this week and my OH is nagging me to have a go at making some after seeing last nighst GBBO!!! i want to get muffining now!! your photos look so tantelising too mmmm i could just eat that jam covered muffin right now with my cup of tea!
    i will pin this and the linky is open now for you to add your delicious muffins x
    thank you for joining in x

  3. August 28, 2013 10:39 am

    Channeling your Mel and Sue !! So funny – you !! At least we do not get the Mel and Sue Sandwich which seems to be the new goodbye – putting muffins on Wright’s Baking Mixes tomorrow – you beat me to it! Put wholemeal cheese bread sticks up this morning – best wishes – Deb the Bread

  4. nellyscupcakes permalink
    August 28, 2013 2:36 pm

    These look lovely and fluffy! I made mine wholemeal and wished I hadn’t. Just weren’t as good as your classic muffin.

  5. August 29, 2013 8:19 am

    They look lovely! I’m wishing that I’d tried muffins this week now, definitely something that I need to have a go at!

  6. August 29, 2013 3:08 pm

    Awesome! I’m a poached egg and sauce person myself, but with fresh muffins, I think anything would be brilliant!

  7. August 29, 2013 10:51 pm

    lovely muffins and Oh we have the same oven !!!

  8. August 30, 2013 6:51 pm

    Your muffins look fab. I don’t think I’m up for muffinery yet, looks too tricky. I’ll have mine with PB&J though too, nom!

  9. August 31, 2013 6:09 pm

    these look great, I must try to make some too!

  10. September 4, 2013 10:00 am

    I love your muffin making tips – I will bear those in mind when I make my muffins!


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