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Foodie Penpals July + Chipotle Corn

July 31, 2013

To the tune of “My favourite things” from the Sound of Music:

“Spices and sauces and chocolates in boxes,
Olives and miso and biscuits from Fox’s,
All sent in packages straight through the post,
These are the things foodie pen pals like most

Foodie Penpals July

My gifts from Fay

This month I received a parcel from Fay of FoodFables who blogs recipes, reviews and great Northern cheer from Newcastle and the North East. I sent my parcel to Wandering Angie – so have a look at her site to see what I sent.

Yet again, the box that arrived through the post was brilliant. Fay had emailed me a few questions to answer which resulted in a parcel that didn’t contain a single mis-hit. She’s a copywriter and journalist so I think that must be why she is so good at getting the right information in a succinct manner.

Heres what was in the box:

Miso soup – perfect for snack times when I want something savoury. Also I’ve thought a few times that it’s daft paying for this when I’m out. I might try making a noodle broth with it actually.
Butterscotch Liqueur – This is strong but really butterscotch-y. I think it might be headed for ice-cream or milkshake. I had a butterscotch schnapps from Teichenné once and never managed to find it again so this is a rather nice treat.
Lindt Caramel Brownie Chocolate bar – This is new to me. Like most Lindt bars, it is a sweet chocolate. I think the caramel drowns out the “brownie” which seems to be a mousse type layer with little crunchy bits. It’s very nice – I’m just not sure why it’s a brownie!
Herbs and garlic – whilst the most “simple” items of the parcel, these are the ones I like most as they come from Fay’s Dad’s allotment. The smell of the herbs when I opened the box was a good awakening for the nose and I love the fact that her family has (possibly inadvertently) participated.
Olives – Healthy(ish) snacking. This little pack is good as Mr B doesn’t like olives so I won’t waste any (unlike the festering jar in my fridge at the moment. I hadn’t realised you could get these small bags, so it’s good to know for the future.
Fox’s Cafe Thins – these are from Fox’s new range, designed to be paired with coffee. As you can see, they are little moon shaped biscuits which makes them good for dunking. If you, like me, sometimes enjoy caramel syrup in your coffee then that’s exactly the kind of space these will fit in – well, that and neatly around the edge of your mug of course.
Smoky Chipotle Sauce from Trees Can’t Dance – Sadly TCD has now stopped trading. Their website says “Dan May whose eagerly awaited second book The Red Hot Chilli Sauce Book is to be published in October is already looking forward to new challenges but admits it is a sad moment; “It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable journey, we have had some great experiences and met some wonderful people but in the current environment we felt it was going to be impossible to take the brand any further”.

It is this final item that is the first to be put to good use in the P.B kitchen. Grilled corn on the cob – you can’t get much simpler or much better.

Corn BBQ grill broil chipotle

Smoky Chipotle Corn

Wrap the corn in foil and bake in the oven for 10mins.
Next, brush the corn with chipotle sauce (or BBQ sauce) and brill until starting to go brown (turn regularly)
Alternatively you could BBQ it.

More about Foodie Penpals

Started by The Lean Green Bean, Foodie penpals is a way for food bloggers and blog readers to get to know each other, via a lovely parcel in the mail every month. This is Rock Salt has brought it to the UK and Europe. Here’s the rough outline of how it works:

  • All interested parties in the UK and Europe – bloggers and blog readers alike – sign up by the form available at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions post
  • Participants are matched on the 5th of the month
  • Penpals send thoughtful, food related parcels, on or before the 20th of the month. The parcels can include home baked treats, shop bought treats (especially local or unusual things), cake cases or decorations – use your imagination. The parcel must include something hand written – a note explaining the box’s contents, a recipe card, whatever you like. The price limit for the boxes is £10 – this is a limit, the point is not the cost, but the thought (no, really!)
  • Penpals open their boxes and rejoice!
  • At the end of the month, everyone blogs about their box, or writes a guest blog post if they are usually a blog reader and not writer. Everyone reads one another’s posts and rejoices some more. Posts are made available on Lindsay’s blog so we can all find each other easily

Find out more here: How it Works // Terms and Conditions.

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  1. August 1, 2013 12:16 pm

    Grilled corn on cobs and a brush of hipotle sauce, delicious. I love grilled corn so much. I shall be heading the local store to buy and grill some. This has left me drooling…


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