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My favourite foodie radio shows

April 14, 2013

I was chatting to some of my favourite food bloggers on Twitter the other evening and for a reason I can’t quite remember I started talking about my favourite foodie radio shows. I was thinking that I should share them as I really think they are excellent programme and I have learned a lot from them.

Fast forward to today and I was running home from town listening to the BBC4 Food Programme when they started talking about the farm of Jane and Louis Grubb. I enjoyed a sample of their excellent Crozier blue just before Christmas (you can see the cheese and oatcake/digestive recipe here) so it was interesting to hear more about how they fit into the explosion in dairy exports which is currently a massive boon to the Irish economy.

So, this has prodded me to finally get around to sharing my food-podcast / radio recommendations. Have a listen, let me know if you like them and tell me any that I’ve missed.

In no particular order..

  • The Radio 4 Food Programme (@BBCFoodProg) The daddy of the all and the home of the food and farming awards. Recently they have interviewed Chantal Coady of Rococo chocolates, been to the recent Marmalade Championships and explored whether it’s possible to eat well on a pension.
  • The Kitchen Cafe  (@bbckitchencafe) on BBC Radio Scotland. Pennie Latin and her team are really lovely to listen to. Pennie asks the questions you wish would be asked of chefs / producers but are worried sound too stupid. She is also learning to grow vegetables, so this is a good mix of chef / ingredient / gardening content. They often cook in the studio.
  • The Kitchen Cabinet on BBC Radio 4. Think Have I Got News For You but about food. Jay Rayner, Rachel McCormack, Allegra McEvedy and other guest panellists answer questions from a studio audience in a not entirely serious fashion. It usually ends up with someone being told to add bacon. There’s 3 series online to listen to and more planned.
  • The Splendid Table (@SplendidTable) by American Public Media. Lynne Rosetta Kasper is endearingly excitable about everything in the way that only Americans are. There’s sections on Road Food, interviews with chefs, exploration of ingredients and they quite often they cross the pond to chat to and English contributor such as Stefan Gates. There’s a phone in too, which is usually unintentionally amusing to the Brit listener. Recent episodes have looked at the role of saliva in taste, artisan beers, southern food and more. The website is a wealth of info too.
  • Farming today (@BBCFarmingToday) on BBC Radio 4. A Pre-food programme I suppose! This is fascinating for finding out more about how our food reaches us and the reasons behind changing prices.

Image thanks to Morberg on Flickr

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