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First Flush Tea

July 5, 2012

This is a sponsored post.

I was chatting to a friend the other day who has excitingly announced that she is expecting her first baby in November (congrats Mr and Mrs T). Naturally I wanted to know if she’d had any weird cravings, but the answer was no – no sausage and chocolate custard (yes, I have… it was a dare) or coffee smoked bacon (actually….). However, she has been told that she can’t have more than one cup of caffeinated tea a day. We both agreed that labour pains can have nothing on the trials of tea deprivation. Obviously.

Now, I’m not pregnant (calm it) but I do sometimes wonder about my tea consumption, especially on night shifts. There’s always something flying around in magazines and online saying you should drink X amount of water, which I’m sure is all well and good to a point but since tea has water in it surely that counts? Also, I’m sure there’s much to be said for the benefits of a good green tea but I’m more of a black tea fan so I was rather pleased to read recently that the water in tea does count (it’s just the laxative effect of the caffeine you have to watch out for) and on top of that, tea has antioxidants. Hurrah. Bring on the Lady Grey.

I’m told by Twinings that in a freshly picked tea there’s more of these antioxidants which means that first flush Darjeeling loose teas are especially good, as they are the first teas to be picked in the season. Unsurprisingly, they come from an area in India called Darjeeling, a home of rare teas, and are a particular type of black tea.

Now I’ll admit, I’m not going to try to pass off my tea habit as a health kick, but I’m up for any excuse to drink tea and super posh tea at that.

Swanky first flush tea

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