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A Pig in mud and Vanish Oxi Action to the rescue

May 31, 2012

When I was contacted by Vanish to ask if I wanted to test some of their products my initial reaction was to say no, because this is a food related blog. Then I remembered just how many hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, tea towels and aprons I have ruined by splattering them with creamed butter, melted chocolate and more and I thought it would be rather silly to turn down such an offer.

In addition to my normal cooking-based stain providers (aka the chocolate cake in my previous post) I also have a house full of lovely orange brick dust at the moment:

Brick dust

A cheap way to get a fake tan?

It turns out that washing a dust sheet covered in this dust in with a white T-shirt doesn’t leave the t-shirt very white. Dur.

; What’s that? That’s the sound of Vanish Oxi action, my knight in shining white armour, cantering to the rescue (stay with me) . I’ll be honest, I’ve never had that much joy with the pre-wash spray from Vanish and I’ve been too skint to pay the £8+ pounds for the Oxi Action powder but having used it this time, I can definitely vouch for it and would probably even pay that much to keep some in reserve for really stubborn grubbiness. My dirty looking white T-shirt, also with nasty sweat stains is now a lovely bright white again.

Vanish Oxi Action Powde

Vanish Oxi Action Powder

Vanish Oxi Action Gel

Vanish Oxi Action Gel

I also tried the Vanish Oxi ActionGel, which is slightly cheaper (around he £5 mark) and works equally well. I’m not entirely sure what the difference of application is, I think the powder is slightly stronger, but you can use less, so cost wise it’s probably similar.

Thanks very much Vanish for sending me these to try out. Handily they have page with lots of stain removal tips to cover all types of mishaps (just in case brick dust isn’t your thing) so, I’m off to find some bright red food colouring to spill everywhere…

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