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Easiest cookies ever

March 20, 2012

I didn’t take a photo of the cookies I made to take to work yesterday. I nearly threw them away because I through they were too frisbee-like and chewy. However, they went down remarkably well at work to the point where I was even asked for the recipe. The recipe is quite embarrassing because basically, these are the easiest cookies ever.


An artist’s representation of the offending cookie

Embarrassingly easy chewy frisbee cookies

12oz self raising flour
8oz butter (or marg)
8oz caster cugar
1 tsp of vanilla essence
optional – 1tsp of  Buttery Sweet Dough Baking Emulsion (if you have friends going to america!)
A good few handfulls of raisins / choc chips / chopped ginger / whatever you desire

Chuck the whole lot in a bowl and beat together or use your hands until it’s a stiff dough that holds together.

Roll into golf ball sized pieces (about 18 probably) and put on a greased or lined baking tray with plenty of space in between – these bad boys spread a lot.

Cook at 180c for about 15 mins.

Tadaa! The kind of cookies to make when you just want fresh cookie and you want to be a ‘domestic goddess’ but you’ve run out of eggs, time, and energy.

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