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I ♥ Chocolate and Tea. Valentines with Twinings

February 7, 2012

Disclaimer: I’m not getting anything for this, I was just made aware of it and I think it’s cool enough that I wanted to share it (though Twinings if you’re there and want to help me…er…taste test it then do let me know)

Ok, so it’s not baking and I’m going off-piste a bit but look at it!

Nudge nudge nudge

It’s a chocolate heart made by Melt (sorry Hotel Chocolat, I’m “virtually” cheating on you) using Grand Cru Forasteros beans, with a heart shaped flowering tea hidden inside it (how did they do that?). You can watch the Valentines Love Tea heart bloom here. Apparently only 20-30kgs of this tea is available worldwide each year. I wonder why.

The look of it has pretty much got me, regardless of taste, but I hope that they have taken care to pair the chocolate with the Love Tea (Red Lily, Pink Globe Aramanth and Jasmine) as I imagine that it’s quite a complex balance. If you receive one, do let me know what you think.

There’s only 100 of them though and they cost £18 each, which seems pricey but then a) I’m very stingy about valentine’s day and b)it’s top quality chocolate and top quality tea. You’d probably pay that for the chocolate heart alone in some places. I suppose it depends how flush your valentine is feeling.

Well anyway, I hope you don’t mind me getting excitable about blooming tea. (smirk)

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