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Sainsbury’s Cuppa Cake Review

October 28, 2011

Sainbury’s kindly sent me a free sample box of their chocolate “Cuppa Cake” mix to review. It’s a microwave-in-a-mug cake for those times when (in my case) your husband is demanding pudding and you’re feeling lazy or you’re stuck in a back-up studio in the middle of no-where with no windows and only 12 TV screens, a mixing desk and a microwave for company.

I’ve made my own mug-cakes before after hearing about them on a Chris Evans radio of all places, and Ruth at The Pink Whisk has also come up with two recipes for her optimum mug-cake.

For 99p Sainsbury’s Cuppa Cake boxes have two sachets of cake. I would have thought that it’s aimed at one mug per person but the calorie count is per 1/2 cake so maybe you are meant to share it.

It’s easy enough that Mr B was delighted to be left one for pudding when I was on a late shift (he’s actually really good at baking, he just pretends not to be). You whisk an egg in a mug, add the sachet and a tablespoon of water, mix thoroughly and then microwave for just over a minute.

Mr B said he thought it had a good chocolately taste and the chocolate chips gave a nice change of texture and an added chocolate hit – definitely a necessary component. Personally I think you need a good slug of custard or something over it to make it a proper pudding as the texture is (as with any microwave cake) a little on the rubbery side. Here’s the process in pictures…

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