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BBC One HD launch cookies

September 18, 2011

I work for Red Bee Media  as a Playout Director in the BBC suite. This means that I run the computers that put your BBC TV channels (1,2,3,4 cbeebies, CBBC and HD) together and do things like make sure the 10 O’clock news actually happens at 10 O’clock and work with the announcers. I also count backwards from 5 a lot. If you’re interested, you can see a bit more about it here.

Well, since last Wednesday BBC One is now a completely High Definition channel. This has  meant lots of changes in how we work and has been two stage process. I was lucky (and scared) enough to be working the late BBC1 shift on the day that it became fully HD. Whilst our engineers are great and it had been running in tandem for a while, it’s always nerve wracking putting a new system live to air. So, to get us through the day and keep our energy level high I decided we might need some suitably corporate cookies. Bring on the sugar cookies.

I won’t post the recipe here just yet, but it’s the Sweetapolita one I used before for my signposts and for the Edible Russian Scrabbleset which you will soon hear more about (oooh…a tease!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The evening was a great success, thanks to wonderful colleagues and engineers. One of those “this is why I love my job” days that makes shift work worthwhile.

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