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Sweet leaves & free treats: The Truvia Voyage of Discovery

July 24, 2011

Thanks to Kelly at An American Cupcake in London Mr B and I got to experience the Truvia Voyage of Discovery which was designed by the mad-merchants that are Bompas and Parr. I was very excited as I’ve never managed to get to anything like this before.

Kelly has blogged it better than I can, and has more photos from the press day so read her post here, but here’s our experience for you:

Met at the lift in Selfridges by enthusiastic guides in white and green we were asked if we are ready to undertake our voyage.

Me with my look of glee in the book covered lift 

At the top we stepped into a dimly lit “snake pit” room and were welcomed by a moustachioed man who politely questioned us as to how we had reached the land (not sure “we walked” or “by tube” was entering into the spirit!). We were given guides to aid us and explain our adventure and two crystals to exchange for refreshments.

The leaflet and menu

As we emerged out onto the roof, the view was definitely worth  pausing for.

The view from the roof of Selfridges

Normally you’d only see the flags from below.

We can almost work out where our flat is

We turned to look at the lake, vibrant and green with small boats from Clovelly and boat-men ready to assist.

A very green lake

A choice of oar was there, but the boatmen decided that we were a “slovenly pair” who needed to use driftwood.

That’s an “oar” that is

Under the waterfall (which caused Mr B to get very wet) and a trip around the rear of the lake brought us to a floating boat-man who gave us strawberries dipped in Truvia granules and encouraged us to eat the leaves. They are extremely sweet. Then, around the other side, a small bar was hidden in the middle and we were issued with gin-potion (or non-alcoholic for Mr B) in return for a crystal.

A lot of Stevia plants and a waterfall to paddle under

Back to dry land.

Crazy uniforms

We exchange our other crystal for a Truvia Macchiato – an espresso sized coffee with hazelnut foam – and a Virgin smash for Mr B

The bar menu. Sadly no actual Bompas and Parr jelly or empanadas were in evidence. Ah well!
The bar
Coffee and mocktail. ooh la la.

We departed our voyage of discovery after being issued with a Stevia plant each

Our potion bottle of cocktail (they had non-alcoholic too).  We were also given a Stevia plant each. The leaves are so sweet!

A rather entertaining way to spend a lunchbreak.

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